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I have officially given up on Marvel Comics, and maybe the entirety of any Marvel related material hence forth.

I have already gotten sick and tired of the mainstream comic book industry shitting itself after it keeps pumping out overpriced garbage and expecting people to buy physical copies of said garbage, so something like this scenario as of late has basically caused me lose faith in what I use to consider one of my favorite comic book characters, Captain America. 

In case anybody doesn't know what I am ranting about, there are two things that have made the news regarding Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 which ultimately revealed that Steve Rogers was a Hydra agent all along.…


Yes, this is a fucking thing, and it reeks of sellout just like the time DC killed off superman in the early 90's just to revive him less than a year later. Both of these instances are just acts of shock value for the sake of comic book sales.

But the worst part of all of this is what they did to Red Skull. They literally took the villain that represents he ideologies of Nazi Germany, and had him be the stand in for presidential candidate Donald Trump. More specifically, they took the common complaints that the general European population has had over the migrant crisis. I could go into detail, but this video by the Thinking Ape sums up everything wrong with the speech.

Let me make this absolutely 100% perfectly clear, I do not support Donald Trump. I consider him nothing more than a loud mouthed clown with an ego the size of Venus, who only says controversial things to get votes. That being said, when you take a character that was supposed to represent an obvious evil and shoehorn it in to represent your own political bias, you have officially done the exact opposite of what a writer for a Captain America story is supposed to do. 

You basically divided your readers rather than united them, and that is unforgivable.

The worst part of all of this is that by taking all of the events that have happened in Germany for the past year and a half, MARVEL JUST MADE RED SKULL INTO THE GOOD GUY BY ACCIDENT.

Just think about that.

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